You’ve heard it said, “The days are long but the years are short.” If you’re like me and most people I know, this rings so true. Days are whizzing past filled with errands and to-dos, schedules and naps, and practices, performances and places to be…and time eludes us. Family photos are treasured because, even though you’re fully present, details get lost: a proud 7-year-old’s precious snaggle-tooth smile, a chubby-cheeked toddler with a cowlick clutching a toy truck, an awkward tween in braces still in love with her parents, your elderly mom’s gentle jewel-cladded hands. These are the memories you want to return to over and over. 

— April

As a mom, there’s a lot to think about during a family photo. With Tamma I didn’t have to worry. She made sure angles were flattering, clothes were straightened, children were looking and the light was gorgeous—not to mention she picks the most beautiful locations.

Our family photo is the perfect representation of our family—and I love it!"


With photos, these phases of your life live on. Life changes at warp speed—and so does your family— so I offer family sessions for all ages of life. In a family photo session, I encourage you to come as you are. Be yourself. Dress up — or dress casual. Go barefoot or wear your heels. I promise in five years, you won’t be thinking you weren’t your best self “yet.” You’ll just be so relieved you had taken the photo and you have all the distinctive details that made your family in one moment in time. Because your family is worth remembering!




Tamma Smith portrait photography sessions start at $395.

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