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Hey friend! I’m so thrilled you’re here. Thank you for desiring to learn more about me. First, I hope you’re enjoying what you’re seeing so far.

I’m an Edisto Island transplant from my native home of Atlanta, but I’ve lived and traveled all over the world—many times on shoots. Some of the highlights of my career have been photographing United States President George Bush, football legend Peyton Manning and Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer!

My mother was an artist; her medium was paint and charcoal. Naturally, she gave me a love of art and taught me about shadows, light, angles and beauty in the ordinary. When I chose photography as my medium, thankfully, I already had a strong foundation of aesthetics, which helps me compose gorgeous photos.
My hope is that my images won’t just entice your eyes, but they will escort you back in time so you can re-live the day and the images will elicit all your senses to feel the memories again and again.

Photography has been
my life-long passion.

Using a solid foundation of technical skill coupled with experienced and talented artistry, my mission is to capture your most sacred moments and turn them into a sophisticated piece of art to treasure forever.

When you work with me, I promise to not over complicate the process, but I will never cut corners. I stand by my work 100 percent. I promise you can trust me with memories. My goal is not just to meet your expectations, but to surpass your wildest dreams. 

My method has always been, first and foremost, to be technically accurate. Secondly, I focus on capturing classic moments in time—both posed and candid—for you to cherish. No gimmicks or fancy Instagram filters here. With me, I’ll take the light. Your moments are your moments. I wouldn’t want to add or distract from these once-in-a-lifetime moments with anything other than authenticity.

my approach

I believe excellence should be the expectation...
         ... not the exception

I believe “I’m sorry” goes a long way...
... even if I have to say it first.

I believe in having strong values...
.. so you know who you are

I believe in being prepared...
... because anything can happen

I believe there is beauty in brokenness...
...  because we’re all broken and beautiful

I believe my dog and cat are part of my family...
... and that they can be friends with each another

I believe feeling safe and secure...
... could never be monetized

I believe in mutual respect...
... for no relationship survives without it

I believe in loving and serving others...
... and I can employ my skills to achieve that

I believe in high quality and standards...
... so that the work speaks for itself

I believe in being compassionate...
... because it’s the right thing to do

I believe in being fiercely loyal

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